MechaniComfort Products

The MechaniComfort products are made with comfort and durability in mind. Click the picture, the product name or the read more link to learn more about each product.

Mechanic Knee Pad

The MechaniComfort Mechanic Knee Pad was designed to comfortably support your weight. The unique combination of materials and thickness make it... read more


MechaniMat Mechanic Mat

The MechaniComfort MechaniMat Mechanic Mat provides the right amount of padding to help minize discomfort from laying on the ground for long periods of time. You'll be amazed at... read more


Mechanic Headrest

The MechaniComfort Mechanic Headrest was designed to comfortably support your head and neck. No more sore necks... read more


Universal Mechanic Pad

A universal pad to meet your needs for any situation. This versatile pad can be used as... read more